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If you have website design skills there are so many opportunities for making extra money online.  

Even when I was employed as a full time website designer I had a few side hustles on the go.  I believe you should always have more than one source of income. So here I will share with you some ideas to bring in extra money each month.


Find your own side jobs

If you find you have some extra time on your hands you can take on your own small projects. This is a step below starting your own full business.  You can start to find work on various online websites like: 

In my experience; if you do a good job on your projects, people will start to recommend you and the work will start to find you directly.  These websites can be a good starting point to make connections. 


Carry out work for another company

Subcontracting is a little different to freelancing, it’s where you work for another website designer and do the work under their company name. 

I have done this for a few companies and it’s a great arrangement, I didn’t need to have any contact with the client, I was just handed project notes and off I went making the website.  I found the best pay rates came from inner city companies, where they were charging more per site overall.

How do you land a job like this?

I would email website design companies asking if they have any overflow work that they need help with, outline your skills, show a portfolio and how much time you can dedicate. Many companies get busy or have urgent jobs they can’t get to and just need a person they can offload work to from time to time.

Sell digital products

Make templates and websites to sell

Making & selling different digital products is pretty easy to get started and has many benefits.  Once you have your own designs up for sale you will continue to make a passive income, meaning the designs will continue to sell forever. 

This is a great setup, it means you are no longer working for every dollar you earn.   

I love designing, so I enjoy the process of designing just for me, not having a boss or client telling what to design,  you can do what ever you want. I loved the freedom of that, after being employed for the first 6 years of my career.

Where to sell?

Check out the above sites to see what people are selling and give them a go.  I have been using themeforest for 13 years and have made a full time income off selling wordpress themes.  More about my experience here.

Start a blog

Write helpful tutorials

If you have knowledge to share, starting a blog can be a great way to help people who are less experienced in the industry. 

So how can you monetize a blog?

You can make a surprising amount of money from the above options.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn a commission by promoting a product or service

If you are currently using products and services you would recommend to others, you can get paid to tell them about it, if they buy, you get a % of the sale. 

You can recommend absolutely anything, from the computer your on, your desk, the hosting you use, software, or websites. Look up your favorite things followed by ”Affiliate Program” in Google and see who’s promoting your favorites.

You can go a step further and sign up to an affiliate marketing company and find a product or service to promote.

These are a few of the big Affiliate companies:

Check out the above sites to see if there is a product in your niche that you would like to promote.

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