9 Passive Income Ideas

How Ali Makes $27k per Week I recently came across this video on 9 ways to make passive income and liked its clear messaging and diverse options, it’s worth a watch if your looking at making multiple streams of passive income.   Ali covers the following: Investing in stocks and shares Starting a YouTube channel Starting […]

Best Side Hustles for Website Designers

Side Hustles For website designers If you have website design skills there are so many opportunities for making extra money online.   Even when I was employed as a full time website designer I had a few side hustles on the go.  I believe you should always have more than one source of income. So here […]

How to make money watching YouTube Videos

Shorten URLs and make money Sounds like hype doesn’t it, but it’s legit!  There’s a company called shrinkme.io, and they pay you to use their free link shortening tool. You don’t need a website or to provide any credit card details. How can ShrinkMe.io help you start making money? It only takes three simple steps: make […]