Creative Market

Many creatives have the chance to make money doing what they love thanks to Creative Market.  

Creative Market is a huge store where anyone can sell their art, graphics, fonts, photos, templates or anything else you can create as a digital download.  Think of it as eBay for designers.  

Why sell on Creative Market?

In a word, traffic.  Compared to advertising your digital products on your website, Creative Market will bring so much more exposure to your designs compared with relying on search engine traffic. Some people do a mix of both, a few on the market place to bring in traffic to more available on your personal website.

The website also offers numerous methods, such as a weekly compilation of freebies, to assist you in promoting your work. You can sign up for a free account on the site, which groups and highlights a range of products every week to promote various creators.

How To Get Accepted On Creative Market

Creative Market is renowned for its unique, premium assets. Here are some qualities our staff looks for that can strengthen your application, while they can’t guarantee that every application will be approved. Here’s some tips to help your chances.

  • Have a Portfolio

    The first area you should concentrate on to increase your chances of being accepted on Creative Market is your portfolio. What will sell your goods and persuade the team that you are the ideal fit for their platform is your portfolio. Make sure your portfolio represents your greatest work and is current. I would recommend building a portfolio before applying if you don't already have one. Also make your Creative Market account's email address visible on the website someplace.

  • Uniqueness

    They're searching for designers who are aware of what is already available and create distinctive, expressive, non-derivative work.

  • Quality

    They can tell that you spent time perfecting every last detail and finishing touch of your work. Instead of stock, Creative Market consumers prefer quality assets.

  • Usefulness

    Are the products your designing useful to other designers or agencys? Customers will use your products to create design projects, client work, or finished goods for sale.

How much will you make?

Shops automatically receive 50% of their stated price for every transaction. Creative Market pay for the marketing costs and credit card processing fees that increase your revenue. 

Keep in mind that commission rates vary by store and product.

As peoples sales aren’t public it’s hard to know how much everyone is earning, I know it’s potentially thousands going from a quick google search on peoples success stories. 

More on sales commissions here.

My Experience

I created a Creative Market shop as an experiment to see how my items would sell compared to another marketplace.   I was able to earn $169.65 from selling items worth between $4 – $14 each.  I didn’t market my items, the sales came through the market place directly.  So you can definitely make money on this system with way more effort than I put in.

One of the best features is there is no product pre-approval, your new products will go live instantly, no waiting in a queue for your work to be critiqued. 

Who would suit this type of earning?

Creative Market would suit any creative person with graphic design skills, skills in font creating, website design, graphic layouts, photographers or 3D design.

Not a designer?
You can still earn

You can still earn through Creative Market by referring people to the market place with an Affiliate Link. Simply share products on your social networks with their links and buttons

Turn your creative passion into opportunity

Become a part of the elite design community that links outstanding designers like you with millions of potential clients.

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