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You can sell Photos, Images & Video on the Dreamstime.com website and they pay you a percentage of the sale. 

I have a few photos from my travels and holidays listed on the site and they have sold a few times each. 

Why sell on DreamsTime?

Anyone who wants to sell their photos, graphics, or videos can sign up for DreamsTime. Simply register and submit your media files.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make sales.  

Your best way to success is see what’s in demand by checking the “popular searches”on their home page, and cater to these topics first. 

I also like their platform as a buyer because I can just buy what I need, I don’t need to sign up to a monthly plan to buy their photos so it’s good for people starting out as well.

How To Get Accepted On DreamsTime

Registering on the Register page is the first step towards selling your photographs. The following requirements for your image must be met before you upload it:

  • Own the work

    It must be your original creation, and all of its components must be your own.

  • Keep it clean

    Uploading offensive material such explicit nudity, drugs, rude poses, or racist material is prohibited.

  • Avoid Logos/Copyright

    Clear examples of copyright include labels, logos, cartoon or movie characters, trademarked structures (such as new sculptures), Ferrari and Porsche automobiles, Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Coca-Cola bottle, the Olympic logo circles, etc.

  • Illustrations

    Traced illustrations should have the original image uploaded in the Property Release area (if it is not the case you should mention the illustration is your own work, created from scratch, in the notify admins area)

  • Descriptions

    To improve the relevance of your file in searches, include a relevant description. Don't write the name and description in all caps.

  • Image Faults

    Check the image for all the faults listed in these guidelines

  • Model Release

    All recognisable individuals in your photo or video must have a model release (files must be JPEG or PDF, filenames must contain only letters and numbers, no special characters)

How much will you make?

There’s a lot of variables on the earnings per file/photo, what size people buy from you, how old the file is etc A full price breakdown can be found here.  

You`ll always get 60% revenue share from all your sales if you are exclusive and upload bonuses. Non-exclusive contributors enjoy royalties between 25% and 50% and what`s best is that all royalties are calculated based on net sales!

My Experience

I uploaded 30 of my travel photos to DreamsTime as an experiment to see if I got any downloads, and I was able to get a few downloads per photo.  In total I earned $123.94, so you can definitely make money on this site, especially if you put up more photos and target the popular categories. 

I’d also recommend trying some searches and if there isn’t many results you could target that topic so your photo fills a gap in the market.

You can view my photos for sale here.

Who would suit this type of earning?

DreamsTime would suit any amateur photographers, photographers wanting to earn a passive income, travel photographers or anyone with a quality camera or phone with an eye for stock photography.

Not a photographer?
You can still earn

You can still earn through Dreamstime by referring people to the market place with an Affiliate Link. Simply share photos on your social networks with their links and buttons

Turn your 100s of photos into opportunity

Dreamstime.com acts as an agency providing quality images to professionals in the industry, as well as helping professional or amateur photographers sell their portfolio online. 

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