Shorten URLs and make money

Sounds like hype doesn’t it, but it’s legit!  There’s a company called, and they pay you to use their free link shortening tool. You don’t need a website or to provide any credit card details.

How can help you start making money?

It only takes three simple steps: make an account, generate a link, and post it.

You will be paid for each visit. That’s how simple it is!

An example for how to use

Sharing YouTube videos on your blog or forums

  1.  Find a viral video on YouTube that is part of your niche/interests
  2. Copy the link
  3. Go to and paste your link
  4. Copy your new shortened link
  5. Promote your link in forums you belong to, your blog, emails or anywhere you want to share the cool video you found.
  6. Keep it organic, don’t be spamming your link everywhere, just keep in mind before you share links with people, as a way of earning extra cash.

*Note at the time of writing the link can’t be pasted on Facebook.  There are ads shown before people are redirected to your link and that’s where this company is making it’s money.  

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