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I need Affiliate Training

Getting Educated on the right way to market

Doing it alone is a hard slog, I myself consumed 100’s of hours of YouTube videos, read blogs and downloaded a million freebies.  In the end I was more confused than ever with information overload. So I was stuck.  Then I found 2 courses that really helped get my head straight and a clear direction on how to just start!

There are many courses available on how people have succeeded in the Affiliate Marketing industry.  Some methods are outdated through and the approach no longer works.  Which course to choose is really based on your experience level and how much you connect with the “Mentor” presenting the programSome people present their message clearer than others. 

I can suggest some high quality, low-cost courses that may resonate with you, sometimes just watching the intro video gives you a lightbulb moment!


The 2 programs below I have personally taken and got different value from both. They are high quality programs that have integrity and teach you how to make a business to be proud of.

Affiliate Marketing Boss Challenge

By Chad Bartlett
(YouTuber & 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer)

A favourite YouTuber of mine Chad Bartlett has started a $1 course to teach others how he’s making 7 figures in affiliate commissions before age 25. 

This 5 day course focuses more on the marketing strategy, getting traffic and converting it to a sale. You have access to real people for support, you can move through the course at your own pace.

What stood out the most is; he introduced a new way of marketing that I hadn’t heard before, he calls it Marketing 3.0 and it’s an awesome idea!

He includes a bunch of free bonuses like pre-built sales funnels (for the Builderall sales funnel tool), an optional 1-1 call with an affiliate coach and a proven plan to follow for your affiliate business so you know exactly what to do day to day.

Cost: $1

The FASTEST Way To Your First $1,000 With Affiliate Marketing As A Complete Beginner…

What the AMB course covers:

15 Day Business Challenge - Legendary Marketer

By David Sharpe
(Self made Millionaire Affiliate Marketer)

Legendary Marketer is a very high quality production that takes you through focusing, developing a plan and setting up your very first sales funnel.

You have access to real people for support, on day 3 you will have your first  1-On-1 Business Plan Call with an Advisor. Legendary Marketer give you bonus sales funnel templates (ClickFunnels tool) and email scripts to use in your marketing.

This 15 day marketing course focuses not only on the business planning & technical steps, they help you with getting in the correct Mindset.  Believing you can succeed and staying focused on your goals. I had lots of lightbulb moments during these 15 days. 

There are optional add-ons depending on your skill level, you can pay to have a one on one coach hold your hand to setup the whole system.

Cost: $7

Online Marketing Education Delivered Simply And With Integrity.

What the 15 day course covers:

If learning more about Affiliate Marketing in a structured way is something that interests you and you have $1 – $7 to invest in your education, I can personally recommend these courses.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick program (I wish it was) nor do I believe in overnight success. I believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially.  Earning big money in Affiliate Marketing is very achievable with the right guidance, hard work and consistency in taking action.