I need Traffic & Tips

All setup and ready to get people to your offer

Traffic aka eyes on your offer is what affiliate marketing is all about. 

So you have your link, now what? You’re going to be tempted to just paste that baby all over the internet and hope for the best. But there’s a bit more to it. 

You see people very rarely buy in the moment, research says it can take 6-15 times of seeing a product before they actually buy. 

So how do you achieve that? By capturing an email address, that way you can email them your product over days and weeks in a strategic way. 

This process is called a Sales Funnel.  You’ve probably seen sales funnels on the internet, its a little form asking for your email before you can proceed to the next page. 

There is special software out there that is designed to handle this whole process for you, I recommend Systeme.io because it’s free until you reach 2000 subscribers and has a email autoresponder/workflow built in. Plus once you reach your 2000 subscribers (and you’re making money) it’s still really affordable compared with its competitors.

How to get traffic to your Sales Funnel

Once you have a Sales Funnel setup you have some options for promoting it.  Free & Paid.

  • Social Media –  Setting up a dedicated account for promoting your product, you can reach a high volume of people pretty quickly on  Facebook, TikTok & Instagram.  You can have a link in your Account Bio/Description to your offer.
  • YouTube – If you’re not shy you can jump infront of the camera an talk about your industry to attract buyers.  YouTube lets you put links under your videos.
  • Pinterest – Post graphics or photos with links through to your sales funnel.
  • Blogging – Setting up a blog can be a bit more time consuming and take time to build an audience but it’s an asset you will own and have full control over.
  • Select free advertising/classified websites 
  • Paid Ads – You can pay for your ad to be displayed on Google, Bing, Yahoo or even TikTok.
  • Solo Ads – You can pay to have your link emailed to someone else’s mailing list in the same industry niche as you. More about Solo Ads here.

I recommend testing and finetuning your sales funnel on a free audience first before paying for traffic.  Make sure you get a few people entering their email address first so you know it converts before paying for ads.

A few bonus Marketing Tips

Choose a product or service with a recurring commission –  It’s the quickest way to build your monthly income. Earn off the customers you have already referred when they’re paying for a monthly service (food boxes, software, health supplements). These payments could be landing in your bank account years later.

Know your target market – work on finding out what their struggles are and how you can help solve them with your affiliate product/service.  This will help you create content that is aimed at the right audience.

Sell emotions, not logic – people connect more with a story rather than just a list of features.

Sell results & solutions – Analyse the needs of the customer and offer your product or service as a solution.

Stand out and be entertaining – Let your personality shine through in your marketing approach, this will build trust with your audience and they are more likely to buy from you.