Affiliate Mentoring Program

Investing in your education & being guided to success!

Support during a business start up is just as important as what program you choose to learn from. 

I offer YOU access to the same free mentoring program I am in,  when you invest in the Course below. 

Top Level Education

Building a Full Affilaite Business

After you have researched if this type of business is for you, the next step is to move to a complete step by step proven program. These programs are designed to save your time & energy scouring the internet for help, everything you need to know is grouped together in one place.

Freedom Accelerator

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator shows you how to leverage 5 Second Silent Videos to build a business from scratch. 

The course covers the 4 phases of a successful affiliate marketing business;

  • Phase 1: Selecting a product to promote, identifying your ideal customer, building automation and promoting.
  • Phase 2: Creating leads on autopilot
  • Phase 3: Increasing Conversions
  • Phase 4: Automations and Scaling.

- Includes my weekly mentoring program bonus -


1 on 1 help to grow your business online

So who is my mentor and why is he a great coach?

I have a great mentor who is offering to do one-on-one coaching with my own clients. This is HUGE, you can have the same mentor training that I am receiving for FREE!

It’s a $10k Guarantee Live Coaching, working with my mentor until YOU reach $10,000 in commissions!

We meet up twice a week on Zoom, the first day is a lesson for the week, the second day is a Q&A session where we can ask any and all questions. 

A message from my Mentor; Alwi Batarilan:


Here’s what I offer:

Bonus #1 – One-on-One support; I will be available to you on messenger or zoom to discuss anything affiliate marketing, strategy, mindset, support or clarification on any part of the course training.   I have been a website designer for 20 years so I will also be able to advise you on any technical questions as well.

Bonus #2 – I can design a Facebook profile cover for you for FREE.

We can work together to come up with a professional looking Facebook cover design, we will discuss what you like, look at some examples, work on your messaging and come up with a design you like.  Facebook will act like your storefront to help people get to know more about you & how you can help them with their own business.

Bonus #3 – Access to my Free Facebook profile setup training

How to set up your Personal Facebook Profile for business & sales. 

This takes away any guess work on how to get started from day 1.

Bonus #4 –  Weekly check-ins on messenger

I can be your accountability partner, keeping you motivated and on track. It’s also a time to answer any questions and I can review your work.

Bonus #5 – Limited Time Bonus – Get access to my mentor 

You can have the same mentor training that I am receiving FREE.  If you have ever wanted to have your own mentor to show you the way, this is your chance.  

My mentor is willing to coach a limited number of MY customers for free to their first $10k in commissions.  To access this free mentorship program, you only need to buy a full affiliate course through me, and you’ll be welcomed into the mentoring circle as a full student.