Envato Market

Over years of experimenting with making a passive income online, Envato Market has come out on top!

Envato has allowed me to create and sell digital products that continue to sell even 13 years later.   

How much can you earn?

You set the price of any work you create and you get a percentage of every sale.  The higher quality your work, the more you can charge.  Details of the official earnings can be found here.

My Experience

My Husband and I have been selling items on ThemeForest for 13 years now, at the time of writing we have sold 39,848 items.

We average over $1000 every month, with our best month ever earning a mind-blowing $14,639.80!  

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How did we get to this number?

Just by consistently creating new items and listing them for sale.  Each new item sells well and draws attention to the older items in your portfolio, creating a way to sell for a very long time.

I mainly sell photoshop files, WordPress website templates and themes.  Was it hard work? Yes, was it worth it? Hell yes! 

I love designing, so I enjoyed the process of designing just for me, I didn’t have a boss or client telling what to design,  I could do what ever I wanted. I loved the freedom of that, after being employed for the first 6 years of my career.

I haven’t released a new item in over a year and the money continues to roll in each month.  I’ll never forget that feeling of checking the balance each morning seeing the sales from overnight.

So what can you sell?

Envato has  7 main categories with a huge number of sub-categories within them. 

CodeCanyon contains thousands of plugins, code and scripts for Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, HTML5 and more.

The marketplace for all things video, VideoHive, offers a large variety of motion graphics, themes, and royalty-free videos.

At AudioJungle, you can find hundreds of thousands of tracks and sound effects produced by a global community of music industry experts.

Themeforest is the top online marketplace for professional website designs, offering anything from Shopify to WordPress themes.

GraphicRiver is the go-to resource for graphics and design assets, offering everything from logo templates to fonts, Photoshop actions to print materials.

There is a vast library of royalty-free stock photos available for use in any project on PhotoDune.

Professionals from all around the world collaborate to produce everything 3D on 3DOcean, including models, computer-generated textures, render configurations, and much more.

What have I gained from having a passive income?

I gained financial freedom from having to work for every dollar I earned. 

That’s huge, I was happy with earning enough to get a free dinner each week, and this has turned into so much more. 

I have been able to travel around Australia for 6 months without working for our honeymoon and most importantly; I was able to be a stay at home mum with my children. 

The online space is constantly evolving and there is so much more opportunities than there used to be, you no longer need to have a technical background to make money online. 


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