Why I started a YouTube Channel

I started a YouTube channel for two reasons, one to make money online, and the two to share helpful videos.  I have 20 years of Website Design knowledge in my noggin, plus everything I’m learning about Digital Marketing, and there’s many people out there who have questions and want to learn too.  I’m using my channel to help as many people as I can get into the make money online space.

The Gear

Some of the equipment I already had, others I needed to research and buy, here’s the quick list of my YouTube setup.  I suggest you use what you have or borrow equipment when first starting out, you want to make sure YouTube is definitely for you before investing in expensive equipment.  Also the simpler the setup, the less things that could go wrong.

* Equipment Already Owned


I am currently taking YouTube training from the Freedom Accelerator course.  I wanted to learn directly from someone with huge YouTube success.  The potential of YT is insane and I am so glad I’m getting into this now.  This is a work in progress and I can’t wait to share all I’m learning about making videos on YouTube.

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