Affiliate Marketing Courses & Resources

Starting a new business or scaling an existing one is a really exciting time. I have collected a range of products below that can help you create a long term affiliate marketing business.  

The idea is to create a semi-passive income from promoting other companies products online, in a honest and natural way.  

Which one you choose is a personal choice and I can help you decide based on your goals. For now feel free to have a browse of you options.

My Shortcuts to Success

My FREE video training to introduce what affiliate marketing is, choosing a product to promote, how to get setup for free on Facebook and create a brand for yourself.

Introductory Courses

A taste of the Affiliate Industry

72 Hour Freedom Challenge

The basics of setting up a Affiliate Business using a Sales Funnel & Email Marketing to promote multiple affiliate products.

$9 USD

The Freedom Affiliate Launch

How to Build a Time Freedom Framework & Start Earning as an Affiliate using your lifestyle content on Social Media. 

$97 USD

Legendary Marketer - 15 Day Challenge

Over 15 lessons you'll be shown how to start an affiliate business, get your mindset right, and start promoting your links on Social Media.

$7 USD

Full Programs

Building a Full Affilaite Business

After you have researched if this type of business is for you, the next step is to move to a complete step by step proven program. These programs are designed to save your time & energy scouring the internet for help, everything you need to know is grouped together in one place.

7-Figure Accelerator

Philips 7-Figure Accelerator program is a 90% done for you system that does the hard setup for you. 

What's Included:

  • Course: A detailed course teaching you how to do social media marketing on Instagram & TikTok using proven strategies to grow fast.
  • Funnel:  website setup for you by their team
  • No ongoing cost for your funnel
  • Email campaign setup for you by their team, all the emails loaded in for you
  • A sales team that will help close your sales for you
  • A value ladder for commissions, your minimum commission is $1,100.
  • Weekly zoom calls for Q&A by Philip himself and other coaches.


This program has a student success rate of 64% which is VERY high for affiliate marketing. That's people making regular money from what they've learned.

There's too many things to list here so I encourage you to watch the case study below.

BONUS: As a bonus for watching the case study, I’m going to send over a free course worth $1,000!  Within this course you’ll learn about how & what Philip teaches.

Freedom Accelerator

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator shows you how to leverage 5 Second Silent Videos to build a business from scratch. 

The course covers the 4 phases of a successful affiliate marketing business;

  • Phase 1: Selecting a product to promote, identifying your ideal customer, building automation and promoting.
  • Phase 2: Creating leads on autopilot
  • Phase 3: Increasing Conversions
  • Phase 4: Automations and Scaling.

- Includes my weekly mentoring program bonus -

Not sure what to choose? Chat to me

I am available on Facebook messenger for a casual chat, if you would like to talk about anything Affiliate Marketing or know more about how to make money online.  I like to tailor my advice to your individual goals, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this business.