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Welcome Pack

This welcome pack will cover why I created this group, a bit about myself and my journey and how you will benefit by being here.

I will also share how I went from earning $5 commissions to a high ticket sale.

Hayley Baker

Affiliate Marketer & Web Designer

Hello to those that don’t know me, I’m Hayley, a wife and mother of two children and travel lover from Australia. 

I come from a website design background, I’ve been designing for over 20 years.  I’ve run a couple of successful online businesses before, but I was still trading my time for money, I was limited by the hours I could work on a project, and I knew there had to be something more!  

I wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing, because the potential is huge, you don’t need to make any products, ship anything or deal with any customer service.  My only job is to bring traffic, also known as ‘people’ to a product, and if they buy, I get a commission; which is a cut of the final sale. Pretty cool.

So I started like many of you, seeing a video on Instagram opening my eyes to the possibilities, I created an account, signed up to the Legendary 15 day challenge to be an affiliate and off I went making videos.  

Did I make a commission just doing this? Yes, was it many? No.  

I only had part of the picture, I had never done a day of sales in my life, and I needed to learn more if I was going to make decent regular money with this. 


I spent months researching free methods

and trying to put all the pieces together

but I was approaching burnout rapidly.

In November 2022 I said enough! I decided if I want other people to invest with me, I better be willing to invest in myself. So I did.  

I found a trusted Affiliate I had been watching, saved up for weeks and bought a shiny new course called Freedom Accelerator through him.

I had every excuse under the sun why I couldn’t invest, I lived in a caravan, didn’t even have a house to start! But I found a way!

Straight away I felt relieved I had access to this organised, systematic information!   There was a plan finally!

Since November I have been learning and being coached by this affiliate week by week, helping me work through the best parts of this course.  I’ve been building assets, growing a following and helping more people find their way in this industry.

I was able to make multiple low-ticket sales and then my first high-ticket commission by following the steps laid out in this course & coaching program.

I have many plans for the future to use this new knowledge, but right now my focus is on growing my little place on the internet inside this group and helping others where I can.


Perks of joining this community


At its core, affiliate marketing is about helping people

You are helping a person solve a problem they have, either through your knowledge or through a product you promote.


I worked with Abby to setup her Facebook profile to act as her business storefront.


After a few chats with Brett, he was able to find the information he needed.


Claire was one of the first people to take my free affiliate training.

Celebrate your wins!

My Achievements so far!

I’m not an overnight success, its been a journey to get to this point, but I am proud of these achievements.

The Challenges Affiliates face:

Confusion on starting

Every person on TikTok has a different way of doing affiliate marketing, because there are multiple ways to go about it. 

But the mistake most people make is trying to mix methods.  

Trying to use cheap product methods when selling high value products won’t work.  

They need a different approach to be successful.

Focusing on the wrong tasks

Spending a week on your logo & business name won’t put money in your bank. 

Yes these things are important (the designer in me wants it perfect) but give yourself a short time to get something started, you can always refine it later.  

Focus on the things that WILL bring you money, like putting out content & having conversations. 

Not refining the process from a customers perspective

It’s a good idea to put yourself in a customer’s shoes… 

They’ve just seen you for the first time, what do they need next to build up their familiarity and trust in you so they want to buy?   

Do they need a freebie, maybe more videos, ‘follow you’ to know more of your story, see some testimonials from others? 

All these little assets will do the hard work for you, so by the time you speak to them, they have a pre-formed idea on if you can actually help them.

This is where the guidance of a coach & support person really helps, they can direct your time and energy to where it matters.

Training Resources:

My Free Affiliate Training: (start here)

This training located in the GUIDES section will introduce what affiliate marketing is, choosing a product to promote, how to get setup for free on Facebook and create a brand for yourself. 

Freedom Accelerator

This is the course that brought clarity for me, its organized in phases of a business, there’s detailed step by step instructions, workbooks, resources, case studies, multiple niches. Its just amazing!  It was released in November 2022, so you know its the latest up-to-date information.


Want access to my mentor & get help from me? I can make that happen, these are the details of the mentoring program I belong to. It’s not just me seeing results either, other students are also seeing their own high ticket sales coming in. 

The 72 Hour Freedom Challenge

This challenge is a great starting point, I wish this existed when I first started, the value and step by step detail in this course doesn’t compare to anything else on the market for just $9! You will be taught the technical side of affiliate marketing, getting some automation setup.  Plus there are amazing add-ons you can really get some bargains here!

Have Questions?

I am available on messenger any time to discuss your current business or help you think about a new one.  I give out a lot of free advice. 

I can help you start a new business or just help you in your research. I’m a very casual Aussie lady, I’m not about hard selling, I’m happy to share what’s working for me and you can decide what’s a good fit for you. Totally encourage you to shop around and find an affiliate you gel with. I did! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the group!